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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Warner & DC present Wonder Woman.


One of the sensible things done by WB & DC was to get Zack to write and Patty Jenkins (Monster) to direct this film. Not because it is a woman centric film, but it is high time Hollywood took the step wherein they showcase their talented female directors by helming their big ticket franchisees.

Patty brings an X amount of character to the film, which had a lot of pre-conceived notions working against it, especially with WB & DC not helping their cause with Man of Steel and the Mohra-esque Superman v/s Batman instalments.


I was shocked and disappointed to see Chris Pine being reduced to a sidekick in the trailors, but the makers have ensured that a talented star like him provides adequate support to Gal Gadot’s Diana. Just the support she required to carry this big ticket film on her shoulders.

Gal does a very good job as Diana. Her strength in character is shown increasing as the movie progresses, providing the natural culmination when she finally discovers her true self and powers.


Danny Huston as the main antagonist does come across as a repeat of his past performances. Danny Thewlis does a competent job as the patronising bureaucrat.

Chris Pine is in excellent form and shows that he is an actor of strong calibre. He just lightens up the screen with his vulnerability and charm both at once.


True credit goes to Patty Jenkins for doing such a fantastic job in presenting this film. She shows true grit in the characters of Connie Nelson, Robin Wright & Elena Anaya.

The movie is tad too long in its 143 minute run, making the over the top CGI infused climax seem that extra long, especially coupled with a rather weak villain.

All in all, this is WB & DC’s best offering till date and one they should be proud of.

Does it have The Y Factor                             :               YES

RATING                                                          :               3.5/5