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Star Wars VII Review

By YusuF on December 24, 2015




Long story short, a scrap collector, named Rey, and Storm Trooper defect, Finn need to return a runaway droid named BB-8 to the Resistance, who contains a map to Luke Skywalker’s place of hiding place. With the help of Han Solo and Chewiee, they intend to reach the Resistance without getting into the grasps of the ruthless First Order, and the new Sith Lord, Kylo Ren.

For me the original Hero is BB-8, nah, I am joking. But he is very adorable, and extremely hilarious, especially the part when Finn pleads to play along, by acting that Finn is a Resistance soldier, and he replies by showing him a lighter, or trying to electrocute him. But seriously, out of all my favourite droids, I think BB-8 would be first, or competing with R2-D2

My favourite “human” is Kylo Ren. I feel no one else could have portrayed Ren better then Adam Driver, and if they could, good luck with that. The beginning scene just shows how strong, powerful, and evil as a character he is. The one scene that left me spellbound was was when a Resistance soldier “tried” to fire a shot at Ren, he stopped the shot in thin air, and froze the guy before he could “fire” another shot.

Another part that make the film glorious are the ship battles. The new TIE FIGHTER and the X-Wings are a blast to see, and when engaged in combat, even more awesome. One ship that caught my eye was Kylo Rens command shuttle. Not only is it big, but also looks insane and damages other ships in the blink of an eye. But nothing can beat the original Millennium Falcon.

Finn, Han Solo and Chewiee keep the film together with their punchlines and comedy scenes, like our favourite, “ I’ll talk my way out of this”, “ I have a bad feeling about this” and more, but to find out, see the film.

What I felt that made the film lag was Captain Phasma. I personally feel that someone who only came in two scenes, and didn’t do a good job at all, doesn’t deserve to come on the screen, forget the poster.

As I stated in the beginning, is it worth the 32 years, I can conclude, it is. Star Wars: the Force Awakens brings back the magic we all missed for the past years, and if you are a true Star Wars fan or haven’t even seen a Star Wars film before, you will still love this film. Watching the film in 3D enhances the experience and in IMAX, you all most feel like you are in the film. A must see.



A must watch for all STAR WARS fans, but it is the humane aspect of Hans, Leia and the rest of the gang which touches your heart. The hatred of the antagonist will literally tear your heart out. Undoubtedly, one of the best Star Wars, I have seen.

Does it have The Y Factor   : YES

Rating                                   : 4 /5





  • The IMAX Experience
  • STAR WARS... what do you expect


Direction - 4.5/5
Storyline - 4/5
Music - 4.5/5
Acting - 4/5


YusuF Poonawala, a Senior Vice President with a multinational travel company, authors The Y Factor purely out of his passion for movies and writing. The intent behind The Y Factor is purely to assess movies based on the perception of a paying audience, rather than paid critics.

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