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M. Night finally returns.
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After making the ‘why did he do it’ After Earth, I, along with countless of his fans, was beginning to wonder, when would he return to his original genre. Thank God, better sense prevailed sooner than later.


So as hugely publicised, Kevin (James McAvoy) has kidnapped 3 young girls and locks them in a basement. The audience is presented the fact that Kevin suffers from DID, wherein he has 23 different personalities residing in him, simultaneously during Kevin’s interactions with the 3 girls and his irregular visits to his psychiatric.

The film manifests its representation of the power of the mind and whether it can cross the line between ‘real’ and what we term as ‘supernatural’. Something referred to as ‘The Beast’ by 3 of Kevin’s personalities.


Of the 3 girls, Casey does a good job as the victim who has a better idea of dealing with abuse and captor.

The film is a play between McAvoy and Shyamalan. Both using their skills in the best manner that they can to play the audiences right into their game and eat out of their palms.


McAvoy definitely deserves a round of applause here, for the sheer manner in which he carries out and switches between his different personalities is brilliant.

The ending does come as a pleasant surprise, and I don’t mean the climax, I’m saying the last shot. Something to look forward to….just wish we could have seen all 23 instead of 8 or so.


Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES

Rating                                              :               3/5