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Shamitabh Review

By YusuF on February 6, 2015


Set in modern day Bollywood, Shamitabh is about the grit, passion and determination of 3 individuals and the circumstances around them which entwines their lives, enabling them to reach heights one only dreams of.

The film is beautifully shot by P.C.Sreeram. The camera jerks, the off centre approach just enhances the impact of the moment. Imagine when Bachchan is shooting off his dialogues and the camera focuses only on Akshara to capture her eyes, creates tremendous impact.

The statement made prior to the release about Illiayaraja’s music being the 4th character of the film, holds true. Not only are the songs in sync with the film, the background score is brilliant. They just take the scene to another high, for example the scene in the school in the beginning, the intro of Dhanush in the party, Amitabh’s dual act in the climax; Hits the right notes at the right time.

The supporting cast of the film is commendable. They don’t overshadow but are yet there. Be it Akshara’s dad, the doctor, the cemetery valet or the director. All of them have their moments in the film where they stand out.

Akshara’s debut is peppy, enthusiastic as well as sincere. She handles her scenes opposite Dhanush with great command, whilst showing equal control opposite Bachchan.

Dhanush shows that Ranjhaana was no fluke. His performance is something the current stars of Bollywood should be aspiring for. He is energetic, enthusiastic, egoistic, vulnerable, pained, confident and flashy all in one. His entry scene is something which leaves such an impact and the monologue in the climax. Confidence personified of a true star, someone who relies more on brains than brawn to show his skill.

What can one say about Amitabh Bachchan. Like millions, I owe this blog to him. He is GOD and yet so human. Truly one of his finest performances since PAA. To show the arrogance of a frustrated drunk to his childlike fear towards injections and the corresponding reactions, is something so superfluous. Letting a Dhanush pull him by the collar to let Akshara sunao him… it takes a great enigma such as him to surrender himself to his director in such a fashion.

There are quite a few scenes where Amitabh, undoubtedly steals the show, but then who can match upto him? Still, it is to Balki’s credit that he allows the characters to play the games and try outshine each other, never letting the individual personas take over.

As writer/ director, Balki has a winner at his hands, yet again. Besides the 160 minute length of the film, which tends to weigh down on you, one cannot flaw him with anything in the film. Yes, I could point out that during the award ceremony, whilst the disappointment was perfectly shown, the crew had to be aware of the fact that there were other nominations also. But that is too petty in the overall scheme of things.

Balki shows what a thinking mind can achieve in terms of originality, be it the screenplay, the songs, the performances or the basic concept. Truly a winner at hands.

Does it have The Y Factor             :          YES

RATING                                                      4/5


  • Dhanush
  • Akshara
  • R. Balki
  • GOD...


  • Length...
Direction - 4
Storyline - 4
Music - 3.5
Acting - 5


YusuF Poonawala, a Senior Vice President with a multinational travel company, authors The Y Factor purely out of his passion for movies and writing. The intent behind The Y Factor is purely to assess movies based on the perception of a paying audience, rather than paid critics.


  1. Definitely going for this one…. Especially after the excellent review

  2. Great new look of the Site. I really like the color combination.
    Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary….. Looking forward for the next 50 from you atleast, or till Hamza takes over…
    Enjoyed reading the review, so will watch the film next week.
    All the best

  3. I found the movie quite entertaining.


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