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Aamir Khan produces another debutante director’s dream. This time, his manager, Advait Chandan.

Well, so we all know that this film is about the girl from Dangal, who played the young Geeta, wanting to be a singer from a conservative Muslim family, with an authoritarian father and loving mother.


That is only the manner the writer / director, Advait Chandan has chosen to present the true story of the film; a woman has the strength to take on anything in the world and doesn’t need any support from men for that, a woman fights her daily battles alone, be it the perverts who try to take advantage of them, be it the gender bias at professional places, or be it just fighting for their sheer existence in a patriarchal family set up, sometimes even facing flak from fellow women, but when a woman wants to show her inner strength, when pushed, then she doesn’t need to shout from rooftops or burn things down, she just needs to be HERSELF.  That strength is compounded a 1000 times, when she is a MOTHER.

The film highlights the relationships, aspirations, celebrations and tribulations of a family in a tier II city, via the dreams of a 15 year old and her mother.

Laced with brilliant performances by Raj Arjun as the chauvinistic father, Farookh Jaffer as the aging aunt; giving one of the best explanations of their lives in the film, Kabir Sajid as the younger brother or Mona Ambegaonkar as the feminist lawyer, the film doesn’t feel too long for its 2 ½ hours running time.

Zaira Wasim was bound to steal the show with a powerful author backed role, which she does complete justice to; love the scene in which she gives her password to her friend, one of the best in the film.

Aamir in his caricaturish avatar of couple of music directors known to us all, is yet again as brilliant as the mentor he was in Taare Zameen Pe.  The scene when he sees Insiya hit the first note of his song, shows yet again why he is, who he is.

Meher Vij, who played the part of the mom in Bajrangi Bhaijaan too with aplomb, is the true scene stealer her. Her pleasant and loving personality is both frail when alone with Insiya and reassuring when being battered in front of her kids. Masterpiece.

But another talent that needs to be appreciated, who might not get the glamorous applause is Tirth Sharma as the best friend / crush, Chintan Parekh.  His ‘I love you’ to the kulfi date proposal to Nazma, are things which define this film.

Advait Chandan as the debutante writer/ director presents a story we are all aware of happening around us and do acknowledge too, but do we realise it happens in such close quarters in such drastic fashions? The mere thought of domestic abuse is scary, reliving it on screen when the kids are sent away by the parents inside so that the father can teach Nazma a lesson and the impact of the sound is far more scarier than the actual violence. Yes, there are certain things which fall pat to fit into the bigger scheme of the story idea, but if not, then why live in the magical world of cinema. As one famous movie line went, ‘ hamari zindagi hindi filmo ki tarah hoti hai, end mein sab accha hi hota hai’.

Aamir shows the difference between him and his aging colleagues, who are still trying to act as lover boys / action heroes, romancing women good enough to be their kids. Aamir shows that there are other avenues to show case your superstardom and talent, which are much bigger and respectable. As a producer and as Shakti he reaffirms the fact that it is only he after K. Asif, who could take a complete home grown masala Bollywood film, to the final 5 at the Oscars.

Do me a favour, this is not a movie to be watched alone!! This is a movie to be shown to your respective boyfriends / husbands who would love you to the world, but still think at times, that sheer physical strength gives them the right to walk over a woman in a spate of anger.

This is a movie to be watched with your mother, in appreciation for what she has done for you, known and hidden.

This is a movie to be watched with your children, for them to learn how not to be when grown up and to realise that you are there to back their dreams, cos as they say, without a dream life is nothing!


Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES, YES, YES


Rating                                             :               4/5