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Bhansali finally releases Padmavat…


Ok. Lets put things in perspective. This is in no way a historical or biopic of any of the ancient kings. It is a historical drama film with names used of real life characters but adapted for cinematic liberties. Somewhat like Bahubali, but that had some flights of fantasy involved in its liberties.

The film is 163 minutes long, so please ensure you are well fed during the film, cos there will be times you would feel like munching on your samosa, but will be too engrossed to leave the screen to buy it!

Could the film have been shorter by around 10-15 minutes, yes. He could have let a song here or there go between Shahid and Deepika. Unfortunately the musician in Bhansali lets down this time, with the songs being a non-starter here.

It goes without saying, that the film is a poetry in motion. Something I said about Bajirao Mastani too, that Bhansali along with his cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee has got pat. The Mewar scenes, brightly coloured, well lit, the dull Delhi Sultanate palaces, or the war scenes, all look so brilliant on screen.

Deepika has very few dialogues and screen presence in the first half, besides walking into Shahid’s room or temple or garden. It is in the post interval where she shines, through her expressive eyes. Beautiful she always was, but here, from the word go, she looks regal and radiant.

Aditi Rao Hydari in her cameo does an excellent job. Trust Bhansali to make her shine in this too.

Raza Murad again, a Bhansali regular does well in his cameo. Jim Sarbh, as the slave Malik is decent.

Shahid Kapoor is excellent as the Maharawal Ratan Singh. His poise, his look, dialect and all was bound to be good, since it is a Bhansali film, but for Shahid’s part, he exudes the confidence, at times suicidal pride, as the King of Mewar, believing in his principles more than the practicality of the situation.

Bhansali the creative director takes precedence as always, than Bhansali the producer. I am wondering what was the big fuss about, had he just taken a stand earlier that this was a work of fiction and moved on, maybe the protests might have been curbed. But all in all, the film finally released and for not only his sake, but the for the sake of creativity and expression, people should see the film.

Alauddin Khilji as Ranveer Singh owns the film. The menace, fear, madness, brutality all conveyed as one package by Khilji shows the effort and the talent of the actor. Khilji steals the show from the word go, which is the opening shot of the film. Even in the song, Khalibali, he takes the passion and energy levels of Malhaari, quite a few notches higher! Khilji plays Ranveer like only he could.

Do watch the film, it is worth it once. But ensure the popcorn and samosas are with you ready, cos Khilji wont allow you to leave the screen.


Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES


RATING                                           :               3.5/5