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Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi come up with another masterpiece.
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A rebellious, cankerous hotel intern suddenly realises the essence, meaning and purpose of life, when his colleague falls off the hotel 3rd floor and he later realises that the last words she spoke were asking about his whereabouts!

October is not a love story or a slice of life film about today’s generation and their aspirations. It is a poem. And just like all those poems that we tried to learn in school, it has deep ramifications.

This is not an entertaining film at all, let me tell you. Hence not all audiences that flock to see the ‘latest Varun Dhawan’ film will be appreciative of either the film or its end. But I do not blame them.

The film belongs to the supporting cast of Ishita Chaturvedi, Prateek Kapoor, Sahil Vedoliya, Ashish Ghosh and Iteeva Pande, who add the true colours of life on screen, ably bringing out the best of us, in the worst of times.

This is a complete director’s film and needs to be seen and appreciated from that perspective.  This is a writer’s film and one has to understand Juhi Chaturvedi’s creative mind to understand what she is trying to convey through her screenplay and story.

This is an actor’s film, hence Varun Dhawan in undoubtedly, what will be his best performance for time to come, will make you root for and spit fire at the protagonist, for his selfless desire to love or understand the concept of love, unrequited love.

This is debutante Banita Sandhu’s film, where she proves that Sircar did not make an error in casting her, cos she conveys so much through her comatose eyes and expressions, that you keep praying for her to get up and take control back of her life.

This is a film belonging to parents, who believe that most of their parental job is done by bringing their kids up well, providing them good education and getting them on their feet, to eventually fly away and claim their lives, but how all best laid plans come crashing down due to an heart breaking act of destiny. The hospital scene between the two mothers, multiple award winning Gitanjali Rao and Rachica Oswal, brilliantly shows parental dilemma and pain in today’s fast moving times.

The film is an ode by musician Shantanu Moitra and cinematographer Avik Mukhopadhayay, who present Delhi, its less shown beautiful parks and fountains and the claustrophobic corridors and wards of the hospital, laced with a background score which is both soothing and heart wrenching.

I loved the film, for Sircar’s unapologetic direction, for Chaturvedi’s honest writing and Varun’s performance of a lifetime. Like I said, not meant for all, but yet, definitely worth a watch.

Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES

RATING                                          :               4/5