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Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Review

By YusuF on August 8, 2015

The movie trails off from MI4 were Ethan Hunt is given the mission of tracking down the Syndicate, a rouge group of people who have been trained to assassinate, rising in the shadows of the IMF. With the help of Benji, Brandt, and Ilsa, Hunt must bring down the Syndicate, by all means necessary.


Action in any typical MI film is bound to be great. Such as hand to hand combat, Shooting people with snipers, and knife fights. This movie does not involve much shooting which is good cause I am bored of shooting movies.

Stunts is another reason why mission impossible is Mission Impossible. Each time a new MI comes out almost all the stunts are “impossible”  like when Hunt runs and holds onto a plane door while airborne. Another stunt is where Hunt has to jump into 70,000 gallons of pressurized water without any oxygen tank.

Only thing that this film lacks is comedy but still all of that is made up by Benji. Like his office scene, you think he is hacking into some type of drive to disc but no, he was happily playing Halo 5 (though it hasn’t released yet) on multi screen desktops. He also wins tickets to an opera in Vienna and is very excited since he won something for the first time, but it was Hunt who actually sent it to him. Another part which makes you laugh your socks out is when Hunt is on the plane and way up in the air and is still screaming ‘Benji, open the door!!’ and by the time Benji opens the door he finds out that he opened the wrong one.

To wrap it up MI 5 is a sure watch but it isn’t the best MI yet.



 After the Burj, any stunt was going to be hard to beat. But Cruise and company do try and in some cases do raise the excitement level pretty high.

With so many action flicks coming in year on year, stunt choreographers must be having a nightmare, thinking up new ways to make the their heroes shine.

Alec Baldwin gets a good role and does a good job at it, unfortunately Jeremy Renner seems to have received the short end of the stick, with his character not having to do much, till the end. Poor guy seems to have finished his major portion of the shoot in 1 grey suit itself. Wonder why.

Ving Rhames always brings a cheer to the face. Swedish actress, Rebecca Ferguson, looks rather old at times and unlike Paula Patton in the last one, pretty unsure of what she is doing. British actor Sean Harris (Deliver us from Evil) is pretty menacing as the villain. Simon McBurney (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) is good too.

The movie revolves more this time around the camaraderie between Simon Pegg & Tom Cruise. Wise choice. This bromance helps give the film its chances to look more human and less Avengers.

Good, long action sequences, some death defying stunts and lots of international travelling, all ingredients of a good MI film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Does it have The Y Factor: Yes


  • Action
  • Simon Pegg
  • Tom Cruise


  • Some funny moments
Direction - 3.5/5
Storyline - 3.5/5
Music - 3.5/5
Acting - 3.5/5


YusuF Poonawala, a Senior Vice President with a multinational travel company, authors The Y Factor purely out of his passion for movies and writing. The intent behind The Y Factor is purely to assess movies based on the perception of a paying audience, rather than paid critics.

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