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Minions Review

By YusuF on July 10, 2015

Would one ever think that minions lived before dinosaurs, well this movie answers all your questions. Minions is a fun loving family film which will make you go crazy. The movie tells us about the minions 42 years BG( Before Gru)



The movie starts with the minions surfacing to the earth and finding the T-Rex, well the minions were born to do one thing, to serve the biggest boss around. They treated their master as if he was a god, but there was one problem, finding a boss was easy, keeping a boss alive, well I’d give them a D grade for that.

Examples: When a prehistoric man needed to fend himself from a bear he picked up a club. What did the minions do? Gave him a flipper to scare the bear, that turned out to have a tasty ending. When it was Dracula’s 375th birthday they woke him up in the morning with the windows open and bright light shining on Dracula, result there was dust on the cake and one more is when they blow Napoleon’s butt off so high that his army had a new enemy, the minions.

Without a boss there was no reason to live. So Kevin, Stuart, and Bob venture to find a boss and they do Her name is Scarlet Overkill and she assigned the minions to steal queen Victoria’s crown. Can they do it well I am not your minion to tell you go see for yourself.

Its funny no doubt and there are lots of parts where you might roll on the floor with laughter. Such as when they reach New York and Stuart sees a water hydrant and thinks of it as a beautiful female minion. Another part is when Stuart and Bob think of Kevin as a banana and another food item and starts to eat him

Another part which makes minions minoins is their language. Like when Bob tries to talk to a crowd of British folk they don’t under stand him then he like “ KINGA BOB” and they start cheering for him.

What I felt they should have done is not made Scarlet want to kill the minions for no reason even though they got her the crown. They also should have involved Herbart Overkill (Scarlet’s husband) cause he hardly appears in the for film


This is a must watch movie which will be enjoyed by family. It’s a one in a minion.

Does it have the Y factor: Yes



  • Concept
  • Minions Language


Direction - 4/5
Storyline - 3/5
Music - 3.5/5
Acting - 3.5/5


YusuF Poonawala, a Senior Vice President with a multinational travel company, authors The Y Factor purely out of his passion for movies and writing. The intent behind The Y Factor is purely to assess movies based on the perception of a paying audience, rather than paid critics.

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