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Jurassic World Review

By YusuF on June 12, 2015

Jurassic world is a mind blowing dinosaur movie with amazing graphics and thrills.


22 years later after the first Isla Nublar incident in 1993 the park reopens, now known as Jurassic world, which was John Hammonds original vision and his dying wish. He entrusted the park to a man named Simon Masrani Who is running the park very well.

Claire, the operations manager pushes the boundaries of genetics to form dinosaurs and forms a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur known as the Indominus Rex ( a hybrid that resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex and has the DNA of a , Giganotosaurus, Rugops, Majungasaurus, and Carnotaurus. )

Owen, who handles and trains the Velociraptors called Blue, Delta, Charlie, and Echo. He works with a man known as Vic Hoskins who wants to use the raptors as a weapon. Owen is called to test whether the Indominus Rex is safe for public since it has been bred in captivity since birth and has been isolated from everything.

Zach and Gray, Claire’s nephews have come to visit the park for their first time. Gray is a dinosaur lover and Zach is at his steps at becoming a man.

When the Indominus runs wild and escapes the paddock it starts a rampage, causing havoc and destruction all around the park, the park is considered dangerous and evacuation starts.

The thrills and shrills in the film are amazing. Unlike Jurassic Park one which had the best thrills than ever, this one is second place, part 2 third place and part 3 fourth place. The best scene is when Gray and Zach are in a Gyrosphere and Zach thinks that they’re up close with 4 dinosaurs but Gray sees the Indominus’ reflection in the glass of the Gyrosphere.

The combination of CGI and dinosaur puppets go great together. With technology you might think that puppets are no more required but like a typical Steven Speilberg film a bit of old school is just required.

The dinosaurs in the film are amazing with some new ones such as Dimorphodon, Mosasaurus, and the one and only Indominus Rex

What the film lacks is that jolt you get when you see the dinosaur attacking or sneaking up to somebody. Another thing I felt was that required were more exciting thrills.

Through my adventure in Jurassic World, and all the attractions I have seen, I can give you only one word of advice. RUNNN!!!!!

Does it have the Y Factor: Yes

Rating: 4/5


The film is definitely worth a watch for various reasons, no doubt. But is it the best yet, I dont think so. Guess that title will always stay with the first part, mainly due to its novelty, I guess. It is the writing department, credited with 5 writers, that takes a beating. There are no high drama points nor any super tense situations, which could have made the thrills better.

Vincent DÓnofrio as the main antagonist besides the dinosaur does a good job as the evil menacing, Ingen security advisor.

Bryce Howard is purely okay as the careerist, confused aunt, Claire. Chris Pratt is not in his Guardians mood, but seems more like trying out for the next Indiana Jones installment. Still he holds his own good in this dino-starrer film.

Irrfan as the owner of the park, Sam Masrani does a wonderful job. I feel this is one of the best outings by an Indian actor ever in an Hollywood film.

Overall, the film is a decent outing, which is bound to make its millions due to the tremendous liking by the younger generation. The older lot, might still feel this installment wanting.

Still go ahead and see it, enjoy the popcorn.

Does it have The Y Factor : Yes

Rating                                : 3/5

You would see a difference in 2 ratings, but then they are 2 different viewers.


  • Dinosaurs
  • Irrfan Khan
  • Chris Pratt


  • Writing
  • Lack of suspense
Direction - 2/5
Storyline - 3/5
Music - 3/5
Acting - 3/5


YusuF Poonawala, a Senior Vice President with a multinational travel company, authors The Y Factor purely out of his passion for movies and writing. The intent behind The Y Factor is purely to assess movies based on the perception of a paying audience, rather than paid critics.

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  1. Over all good , Actual Hollywood action thriller by dinosaur .


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