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Hobbit : The Battle of the Five Armies Review

By Hamza Poonawala on February 6, 2015

So the end is here. The story of Middle Earth as we know it, comes to its climax…

…..Smaug has reached his end, the Orc armies have been formed, The Gundbad Orcs are gathering, the Elves and Dwarves Prepare for war, The army of Men have allied with the Elves, Let the battle of the Five Armies begun…..

Newsflash! All the Hobbit fans and the LOTR fans have to see this movie ( like me) if they do not they have no right to call them ‘Hobbit’ fans or ‘LOTR’ fans. The Hobbit the battle of the five armies is an action packed adventure, mystery, suspense and everything put together.

I think Peter Jackson has pushed himself beyond the limit. The animation is done so well from the time Smaug starts to destroy Lake Town till Thorin killing Azog is done fantastically. When the battle begins it looks like an actual video game and when you have to kill Borg or Azog they’re like Boss levels. I also liked the way Bard kills Smaug using his son as a weight.


Meanwhile Thorin Oakshield, under the influence of the treasure of Smaug, starts suffering from Dragon Sickness, losing his mind to greed and lust of power, thus making him go back on his word to share the treasures with the people of Lake Town and the Elf King, Thandrail.

So we have 3 armies about to get into battle, when Gandalf warns them about the impending Orcs’s attack, to which no one pays heed, till they actually do.

Legolas and Tauriel, meanwhile find out that there is another army coming from North, to finish off the 3 stake holders for the treasure. And in the middle of all this, is poor Bilbo Baggins, trying to coerce sense and honour in his dwarf king, broker peace with the Elves & Men and trying to make sense of all this. So there you have it, The Hobbitt: The Battle of the Five Armies.

With time, Peter Jackson’s usage of CGI for this series has only kept improving. Shot in HFR 3D, the set pieces leave you with quite a few wow moments.

At 144 minutes, the second hour is a long long battle scene. But it is Jackson & Co.’s screenplay that doesn’t make you feel bored even once. That is a considerable feat considering this was supposed to be only a 2 part film while being made. Using the appendices by Tolkien, Jackson manages to complete this seamlessly. He also manages to connect the story arcs of Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving & Christopher Lee into the future and Legolas’ search for the Ranger of the North, known as Strider.

Richard Armitage, Luke Evans, Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen & Lee Pace do a fantastic job in this befitting end to the series, whilst Orlando Bloom & Evangeline Lilly provide adequate support, literally.

Unlike Smaug, there is a lot of human connect in this one, which actually makes you a part of the battle onscreen in the second half. The various villainous characters too, do keep you hooked onto their storylines. Each of them well presented, kudos again to the make up teams.

Once in the battle, there are quite a few moments which will make you jump in awe. Couple of them:

  • Legolas jumping on a falling tower like running up stairs
  • Thandrail’s reindeer walking in with his antlers carrying orcs

If I had my way, I would still do away with the 3D, since it only lands up making the film much darker, something I feel for almost all such 3D films. They are much better in IMAX & 2D.

This is not just the end of a movie or a trilogy. This ends our journey of Middle Earth, envisaged so beautifully by Tolkien and presented in such graphic and poetic detail by Jackson.

This ends 13 years, 6 films and 1031 minutes of accumulated footage of life in Middle Earth…and our journey in it. And a lovely end it is….take a bow Peter Jackson, Son of Man, King of Middle Earth.


Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES

RATING                                             :               4 / 5


  • Storyline
  • Humane Aspect
  • Brilliant Battle Scenes


  • 3D
Hamza Poonawala is a 13 year old, who reviews films which children his age are watching nowadays. Needless to say, the review is from his perception.

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