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Nolan fans rejoice…
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The beauty about the movie Dunkirk, is that inpsite of it being a WWII film which focusses on a chapter considered sacred by the British but relatively lesser known on the cinematic medium, the entire approach of the film is more Where Eagles Dare meets The Dark Knight.


That my dear friends, is the reason why one appreciates, respects (and by the full crowds in the IMAX previews) loves Christopher Nolan and his films.


So right from the opening credits, where the black and white text lays down the brutal facts, the accompanying shot of the British soldiers walking down a deserted street, normally famous for its touristic photos, is the tip of the iceberg of the horror that lies in store.

Like Nolan had said, the intent was not to create the tension on screen with a dialogue heavy screenplay, which is what normal war films land up doing, but in his shortest film in recent times with a running time of 1:40 hours, Dunkirk relies more on the action on screen to convey whats happening. So only Kenneth Branagh gets to convey in the usual story format, whats going to happen, whilst rest all the characters are living through the moments.

Set in a non linear format, the film follows 3 different time zones, something brilliantly shown by Nolan.

Hoyte Van Hoytema, credited with cinematography, is the best ally Nolan could have had as the writer/ director for this film. The bombardment on the beach, with linear explosions moving towards the single character that you know, and eventually towards you, the audience, is something which only this duo could have pulled off with such elan. The flight sequences, make you realise the magnitude of nature and the frivolity of man.

Why is this film not a perfect score for me, is because unlike Inception, The Dark Knight and Interstellar, while leaving the film, one leaves with a certain void, due to the lack of an emotional connect with anyone of the characters. You are rooting for their survival, you pray for the rescue of the captured, but  still you are not connected with anyone. that is the only complaint that I have for this visual masterpiece by Nolan.


Some good performances by Harry Styles, Mark Rylance, Fionn Whitehead. Wonder why Tom Hardy keeps coming in roles where his face needs to be covered? But the people who leave a mark are Cillian Murphy (another Nolan favourite) and Kenneth.

Does it have The Y Factor         :           YES

Rating                                      :           4.5/5