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Prawaal Ramaan remakes Occulus.
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The hit psycho – horror film, Occulus, would give you goose bumps even today, on its umpteenth rerun.

That was the impact or power of this horror flick, which played more with your concept of fear, than fear itself.


Raman, returns after his crime encounter with Charles, to a genre he debuted with. So one does tend to have high expectations from this talented film maker, when he announced to remake the hit Occulus in Hindi, with real life siblings Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem, playing the onscreen sibling protagonists.

Without getting into any kind of story info, lets stick to whether the experiment worked or not.


The screenplay of the film, although a scene to scene image of the original, fails to create any impact for the viewer, especially in the first half. The entire witch back story, in order to cater to the Indian audiences and the over simplification of the plan, for the naïve Hindi crowd, tends to disinterest the viewer, early on.

The fake accent of Adil Hussain, was so unnecessary, coupled with the casting disaster of Lisa Ray, whose character in the original of Marie Russell, was the true representation of the horror of the evil presence, since she suffers the most. Somehow here the writing by Raman, fails. Even the dialogues and interactions between the real life siblings comes across as staged and deliberate.


The intent of casting the siblings was to have an onscreen bond, unfortunately, it seems the duo of Qureshi and Saleem have spent too much time apart, since they fail to create any impact on screen as the Merchant siblings.

Huma could have done with a better outfit and Saleem with some more workshops on the character.

Where Raman fails as a director is that not once do you feel anything in the film. Neither the fear of the evil, nor the threat of the impending doom on Adil and Lisa nor, a sense of shock in the climax.

Mind you, the climax was the highlight of the original, which somehow fall flat here.

All in all, a brilliant attempt wasted.

Does it have The Y Factor                             :               NO

 RATING                                                           :               1.5/5