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Root hai Milan ki…..
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Well I wonder how the concept, ideation and execution of this film might have happened;


Actor 1: I have not had a decent hit since some time now, seemed like ages when I did that Tamil remake….

Actor 2: forget that, even my biopics aint working… tried everything in the past 4 years, horror, some more horror, kachra, some more nonsensical kachra…. But alas…. Adhuri kahani….

Director: I couldn’t agree more. Cheers. I seemed to be good at dirty pictures only

Glasses …..

Director: (philosophically) if you go to see, my last hit was around good 7 years ago, that was a time, once upon a time

Actor 1: can we stop talking this crap… I need to deliver something solid…just like we did in 2010

Actor 2: yes, I agree, Men are Back types… but with some good looking women too…

Director: that is not difficult, but how do we get respectability to the cast?

Actor 1: don’t worry, from my Diwali comedy series, will get Tikla…. Since he is known for ‘Seeing is believing”….

Actor 2: I know, I know, even that new guy, who jumps around, just like you used to, we could use him also, am sure Director will fit him somewhere….

Director: okay, but then we need to have dialogues, lots of dialogues….. solid dialoguebaazi…..

Actor 1: 4 din jindagi ke… aur aaj chautha din hai, bus yehi soch kar, itne saal gujaar diye..

Actor 2: sharm ur mein, ek sentence main nahi aate madame

Actor 1: who agar army hai, to hum bhi haraami hai

Actor 2: one more, one more, (all excited, poor soul was the only one worth watching in the film), ‘hum to ooth hai madame, kahi bhi chod do, ghar ka raasta dhoond hi lenge’

Director: I got one, for Tikla,,, “aisa na ho, ke bakre ki biryani ban jaaye aur madam ko chawal pasand nahi’

Actor 1: so sorted. Get the same guy who wrote earlier to write these masterpieces down, and we have a winner at hands… chal I gotta go, have to pay some debtors for my mountain climbing expedition last Diwali…

Director : me too… this is definitely one which will break all records…. Dalia, tu bill bhar le

Actor 2: saale, everytime they do this…

Looking at the waiter

Tu kya dekh raha hai be? Chal bill laa.

Waiter: sir bill free hai, aap logo ki haalat dekh ke, ON THE HOUSE… only one question

Actor 2 : ON THE HOUSE… VERY GOOD. Pooch pooch, what is the question?


Actor 2: One large please….

This my dear readers, sums up a tragedy called Baadshaho…. No story, no screenplay, only a bunch of good looking people oozing in style, some sleepwalking by Devgn, and fights by Vidyut. The women only for glamour yet again. The only 2 decent performers being Emraan and Sanjay Mishra.


Does it have The Y Factor             :               NO

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