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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Karan Johar returns as Director after 4 years and stupendous success. As mentioned last week in our Diwali 2016, blog, a lot is riding on this film. Do they deliver?
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Karan Johar returns as Director after 4 years and stupendous success. As mentioned last week in our   Diwali 2016, blog, a lot is riding on this film. Do they deliver?



Fawad Khan as a special appearance, was used as a publicity tool ever since he was shooting on ground. KJo had tweeted about how ‘special’ his role was and how integral he was to the entire atmosphere of ADHM. Well in his own sweet fashion, he was. But not so much that it should have rocked the entire nation and got the government on both levels involved to ensure its safe release. His physical presence on screen could easily have been edited out and it wouldn’t have made an iota of a difference to the final product.

Having said that. lets get to the product at hand.

This is by far, I reiterate, BY FAR, Karan Johar’s BEST DIRECTORIAL PRODUCT TILL DATE. Written and directed by KJo, this is a product that on its own standing be sent as India’s official entry into Oscars. Not because it has earth shattering global peace at its core. Because it has love. Expressed in such a manner, that only KJO or maybe Sanjay Leela Bhansali could have.


The grand scale, international settings of London and Vienna – awe inspiring,  dialogues by Niranjan Ieyangar and Karan Johar poignantly interspersed with the background music of Pritam….. one of the best things about the film.

Not a spoiler, but Shahrukh Khan, in his cameo, walks away with the best written lines in the film. It is such a treat to see him on screen, in his effervescent manner, steal the scene and your hearts away.

The cameo by Lisa Haydon is cute and hilarious.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, should have delayed her comeback to this film. Her looking beautiful and sexy is passé. The elegance, class and oomph that she delivers on screen in her cougar avatar and the predictable break up, is so well portrayed by her. Not a performance that will not stir your emotions. The twitch of her eyebrows in the sit down dinner….killer.


Ranbir definitely gets the good meaty role that he truly deserves. Right from the opening shot, his vulnerability is what appeals to you, just like it failed in Tamasha. He lets his co-stars take their place under the sun with such ease, that you feel as if he wasn’t there on screen, only to steal the show away. His chameleonisque change in the Channa Mereya song, is what makes him the actor he is. There are quite a few such scenes where you reconnect with Ranbir the actor, after a hiatus of almost 3 years and 5 months. It was worth the wait, but one expects him to do it everytime.


Karan Johar presents one of his best films ever. A brilliant screenplay filled with homages to yesteryear Bollywood films, the witty one liners which form the entire basis of the brilliant chemistry between the lead pair, the look of the characters, kohl lined Anushka, cherry red Aishwarya and the lost Ranbir; but the piece de resistance for me, was the touching, heart wrenching tribute or reminder to Kal Ho Na Ho… a touch of class.


Anushka Sharma rules this film. She is the sheet anchor of all the activities on screen. Alizeh is the character that will live with her throughout her career. This is that performance which in the early times, would be considered award winning. Not with the slew of tobacco sponsored dance events now. Anushka Sharma shines in this multi starrer and owns the film.


Karan Johar, thank you for this. The dinner table scene, is one of the best that we have seen in our times. The entire sequence is so brilliantly written and directed. Take a bow.


Does it have The Y Factor             :               YES

RATING                                            :               4.5 / 5